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Travel Solutions Group thoroughly researches and qualifies all products that we represent. Those products are designed and proven successful in providing an acceptable return on your investment!

Every corporation or travel management firm searches for products that expedite their workflow process and serve to improve customer/client relationships while reducing operating costs. Only then will an acceptable "Return on Investment" (ROI) justify a purchase! We invite you to review each product description to find which solution will address your specific requirements.

Real-Time Fare Audit System Create by TravTech

Tired of waiting for Low Fare Audit Results that are 30 to 60 days old? Consider implementing Farecapture, the first "Real-Time Audit Tool" designed to provide immediate feedback of lower available fares, at time of booking!

Farecapture is an intuitive, web-based Real-time auditing tool that significantly reduces corporate travel spend, and is the answer to a number of problems, such as:

  • Track airfares booked via travel agents and corporate online booking tools
  • Deliver low-fare alternatives in real-time
  • Audit booking per defined travel policy and negotiated contract fares
  • Display comprehensive information for informed decision making
  • Provide instant reporting
  • Allow for quick cost-cutting decisions for proactive budget management
  • Provide increased leverage in airline contract negotiations
  • Offer corporations effective control of travel policy
  • Capture missed low-fare opportunities at point of sale

Farecapture has many unique features which include:

  • Tracking ticketed and un-ticketed PNRs
  • Supporting multi GDS
  • Assisting in verification of your SOX compliance
  • Providing real-time technology with immediate notification of lower fare options
  • Offering fare audit notification to travel/travel arranger
  • Retaining audited data online for two years
If you are interested in receiving additional information about these products or services, please contact your TSG Representative.