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Know anyone looking for a new career opportunities ?
Help them find a new position and get COMPENSATED for your efforts.

When a candidate registers with us whether it be online or via faxing us their resume, if they list you as the person who referred them to us, along with your complete contact information, and we place them with an employer, we will pay you a one time commission of $100.00 for being the first to refer that candidate to us. Refer several candidates to us and watch the commissions pile up!! Refer several management level candidates and watch that commission really pile up!


1. TSG will pay a referral fee when the person actually gets placed at one of our clients and remains employed for at least 90 days.
2. TSG will pay you a one time fee of $100.00 for a travel agent level candidate we place.
3. TSG will pay you a one time fee of $200.00 for each management level candidate we place.

Contact Mark Walton to submit your referral.